The Pros and Cons of Nutrisystem

Is the Nutrisystem Diet Worth It?

Nutrisystem is a diet meal delivery plan provider that's been in business since 1972 with the goal of helping people achieve their weight-loss goals.

The program is based around the home-delivery of portion controlled meals and snacks that do the work of counting calories for you.  Nutrisystem takes the guesswork out of food choices and calorie counting for dieters.

How Nutrisystem Works

There are separate Nutrisystem plans for men (1500) calories per day) and women (1200 calories per day) that are designed to support a healthy weight loss of one or two pounds per week while eating a nutritionally balanced diet.


Nutrisystem dieters are allowed to supplement the pre-packaged meals with a variety of grocery bought foods like dairy, fruits, and vegetables; providing some outstanding variety for people concerned that the meal plan could feel too limiting after a while.

The diet is also low glycemic index (especially important for maintaining stable blood sugar levels) and supplies nutrition consistent with the dietary guidelines for Americans established by the USDA.

Scientific research shows that eating 6 smaller, nutritionally balanced meals during the day will promote greater weight loss and maintenance than eating on a conventional 3 meal per day schedule.

So with Nutrisystem, you'll; eat every 2-3 hours for a total of 6 meals per day that will keep your metabolism humming.

You'll enjoy a mix of portion controlled, pre-packaged entrees and snacks, and also be allowed to supplement your diet with a choice of fresh grocery items.

The Meal Plans

The latest version of Nutrisystem Diet helps dieters with four categories of weight loss plans, each designed to meet the weight loss goals of different groups of people in the healthiest way possible:

  • The Standard Plan: Nutrisystem's conventional portion controlled plan for men and women
  • Nutrisystem D: a diet plan designed around the critical requirements of dieter's suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Nutrisystem Silver: is the diet plan they've created specifically targeting heart health
  • Nutrisystem for Teens: this plan is for adolescents from 14-17 years of age with a body mass index above the 85th percentile

Nutrisystem Pros

The Nutrisystem diet plan provides dieters with more than 100 delicious food choices. You'll be able to choose from breakfast choices like; blueberry muffin, chocolate cereal bar, apple stuffed scone and more.  Your lunch menu can range from yummy cheese ravioli to vegetable beef soup.  Dinners are satisfying when you eat meals like beef rolls and chicken pot pie.

The plan also includes almost 30 types of snacks for you to choose from.

Nutrisystem has addressed the needs of most people who need to lose weight in the healthiest and safest way possible.  This diet meal delivery plan will accommodate individuals from overweight teens who need to learn proper eating habits for a healthy adult life to people at risk for heart problems who need to lose weight in an attempt to prevent serious medical conditions.

Diabetes is an increasingly common health concern for the average American, and Nutrisystem addresses this issue with a selection of low glycemic index choices that will minimize the risk of developing this terrible disease.

The Nutrisystem Diet Plan accommodates some special dietary concerns like low-sodium and vegetarian.

Nutrisystem Cons

No single diet plan can be perfect for everyone, and Nutrisystem is no different.

While the folks at Nutrisystem have designed a highly efficient and easy to follow diet meal delivery plan that works for the majority of people, there are some cons about the plan that you need to know.


While the Nutrisystem plan is affordably priced compared to other meal delivery plans, it's still more expensive than buying all your food at the supermarket.  On the other hand, you're paying for the convenience of having all your calorie counting and meal preparation taken care of for you.

Beyond the cost, there are certain other situations where Nutrisystem may not work for you at all.

Celiac Disease

If you suffer from celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance; the Nutrisystem diet plan is definitely not for you.  This diet plan includes a wide variety of wheat-based foods such as:

  • Rich donuts
  • Many kinds of muffins
  • Pancakes

And that's just breakfast!  Lunch and dinner pre-packaged meals feature a variety of wheat-based items like pizza, pasta of all kinds, sandwiches (tuna melts, roast beef, etc.) and snack bars.  Nutrisystem takes a very strong view that they will not accommodate dieters with gluten issues, and they explain why.

Food Allergies

The Nutrisystem plan is designed to provide the protein required for dieters to feel satisfied after a meal and that means that they include peanut butter and soy as a healthy low-fat source of this essential nutrient in many items.  If you have allergies to these ingredients, you shouldn't purchase Nutrisystem meal plans.

Are You Allergic to Latex?

Convenience is one of the biggest selling points in a diet meal delivery plan.  Consequently, the packaging Nutrisystem uses to make foods easy to store without needing refrigeration must contain latex to make this possible. Dieters who have an allergy to latex are advised not to use this meal delivery plan.

Pregnant Women

The unique dietary requirements of pregnant women are not a part of the Nutrisystem diet plan.  A growing fetus shouldn't be exposed to the effects of a calorie-restricted diet because it's solely dependent on the mother nutritionally during pregnancy and afterward if the mother is breastfeeding.

Some Closing Thoughts

Obesity has become one of the biggest health concerns currently facing Americans.  The adverse effects of obesity include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Joint problems
  • Self-esteem issues

Meal delivery plans, and Nutrisystem in particular, are proven to be effective ways to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss.  As long as you don't suffer from certain dietary allergies, latex sensitivity or are currently pregnant; the Nutrisystem meal delivery plan  is a quick, convenient and cost-effective alternative to losing weight on your own.

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