Are Natural Hair and Skin Products Better?


We live in a world today where we are feed, given and put on products that are saturated with chemicals, have been processed, and are refined for what reason I’m not always to sure about. But one thing I am aware of is that most of the things we consume and put on our bodies is chemically destroying our bodily functions, immune system and the way our skin and hair looks and feels! This needs to stop! Unfortunately, with all the researches and studies that has been done to prove that the products we use and consume are known to have serious and if not deadly side effects and consequences, we are still dealing with it and feel that there are limited choices. That is far from the truth! There are many products, to be more specific, Hair and skin care products, which are chemical free, paraben free, MSG free and so forth. We call these products All Natural! I know, it amazing that they exist right?! I know that whoever is reading this may already be aware that there is such things as All Natural products, so let me enlighten you about them and the benefits that you can get from Skin and Hair care products that are all natural like ours that can actually improve on your hair and skin care health as well as why ours products are better for you then mainstream hair and skin care products. Let’s jump right it!practices.


First, let’s start with why all natural products are better overall for your skin and hair than any other chemical processed products on the market. It’s simple, it’s natural, which means the natural fruits, vegetables, herbs that God has made is inevitable and is beneficial to what our body and skin needs naturally. We need certain vitamins and minerals to have healthy looking and feeling skin and hair. If you put natural fruits, veggies, herbs, oils, etc. on your skin and hair you will get the natural results of what your body naturally is supposed to do; grow healthy hair and have good looking skin. With our products, we are very strict and adamant about having only Natural and Organic ingredients to make our products because we know our customers will get the best results from it. For instance, a lot of our customers have sensitive skin. People are always looking for products that can help repair their skin to “normal” and be moisturized. We provide only the best for our customers to ensure they are getting the benefits for their skin by providing them what they need from Mother Earth! Everything is homemade too, so we take delicate care and have attention to detail to each of our clients’ needs.

Lastly, let’s finish this off with why my business Skin Deep Naturals is safer to use than any other hair or skin care company that produces chemically induced or processed products. Our motto is this “Where we help your inner beauty shine through!” What that means is, we are looking to help each of you find your inner beauty first by loving yourself and what you we’re born with. Acceptance of that will make your all natural journey easy because you know what to expect naturally from yourself then trying to be something you’re not. That’s why it’s so important to educate yourself on different ingredients that are being used in products. Don’t hesitate to look at ingredient labels and see if companies are using any preservatives or parabens that could be harmful to your health which isn’t worth it. Google has been such a great tool for all of us to use to find a lot of information in a short period of time. I challenge each of you to utilize this tool to educate yourself about the different harmful chemicals and preservatives that are used and be shocked on how many of those same ingredients not only lie in your beauty products but also in some of the things we eat! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this insightful article. We hope you find and get what you’re looking for as a consumer.

By Octavia Maxwell skindeepnaturalsbyom@gmail.com

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